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Our priorities

Protect land & water

Globally, only 5 percent of the natural lands at high risk of development are protected. Demands on land and water continue to increase, so we must do more, fast.

The Nature Conservancy has led the way in saving many of the most iconic landscapes on Earth. Globally, we have helped to protect millions of hectares of land, to conserve thousands of river kilometres and to develop more than 100 marine projects. Building from our past and working with governments, corporations, other partners and you, we can protect more nature between now and 2025 than we have in our history.

Global insights

Check out the latest perspectives, research and tools that inform how we are protecting land and water, and other pressing issues facing people and the earth.

Discover our other priorities and find ways you can help transform the future of the world.

In addition to protecting land and water, The Nature Conservancy is listening to science to address today’s most pressing challenges.